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Nostalgic lo-fi driving adventure where you travel through the mountains to discover the story of your forgotten grandmother

Set in the southern cascades of northern California, Road Trip is a short game about exploration, community, landscapes, and family. Play as the Otter who is out looking for their grandmother, a legend of the Cascades who has made a name in the region but is a mystery to the main character.

The game combines relaxing driving gameplay with narrative based adventure games. Cute, low key and full of vibes.

The game is available for free, you can get the original game soundtrack composed by Stephen Fagan as a bonus with your download if you donate $1.99 or more.

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  • Elijah Cobb
    • Artist, Designer
  • Liam Cristello
    • Programmer
  • Michael Reveliotis
    • Programmer, Narrative Designer
  • Will Bridges
    • Programmer
  • Stephen Fagan
    • Composer

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I fell off the world 10/10 would play again

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such an interesting little world ! love all the creatures and the dialogue, they're very kind :] the music is so nice i really like the doldrums and the country track,, thank you for a lovely game !


i have a question, i'm not sure if this just happened to me (i'm playing on mac, just for reference) but when i returned to lassen to look through the binoculars, the screen began to transition but it remained black so i couldn't continue,, 

my above comment obviously still stands ! i really enjoyed the game so far :D


The binoculars are the end of the game as of now. Thank you for playing what we made, I'm happy you enjoyed it.